Pet Policy:

We are happy to welcome responsible dog owners and well behaved house-trained dogs (minimum age of 1 year).

 We cannot accept dogs who have behavioural or incontinence issues.


We do charge an additional fee of £10.00 per night/per dog.  Please note that dogs will only be accepted on a pre-booked basis.  We regret that guests who arrive without advance notification of bringing a dog may not be able to stay.  We allow a maximum of 2 dogs per booking.


We do not supply any bedding or food so please bring your own and don't forget your poop bags, dog towel, treats, dog bowls, and lead.


Please clear up after your dog if they make a mess.   All bagged dog waste should be put in the designated bin in courtyard.


Please ensure that your dog is dry and wipe off muddy paws before bringing them into the main part of the house.


If you are following any marked footpaths through fields with livestock then please keep your dog on a lead.


Please don’t allow your dog on the bed or on any other furniture.  You may be subject to additional charges if bedding or furniture needs to be deep cleaned.


Dogs are not permitted to be left alone in the property when you go out during the day and evening. This is a rule that we do strictly enforce.  Even the best trained dogs, who perhaps stay at home alone quite happily, may bark continually, scratch and have accidents when left in a strange place.